Friday, December 21, 2012

The End of the World

Today I realized a very important thing: that necklace with three shiny balls of bluish sparkles on them… it's actually one necklace and two earrings.

Cue extreme happiness.

I was ridiculously lazy today— figuring that the world would probably end at any moment almost made me want to 'go out with a bang,' but… also, I figured, "Well, I might as well not force myself to do anything… after all… the world isn't really going to end."

So, yes. Today: not very productive. I watched an older UK series called The World's Strictest Parents…

Was extraordinarily lazy, really.

At dinner, eating alone because everyone else had finished, I looked at the pepper slice— the last pepper slice in the bag— and toyed with the idea of eating it.

On the one hand, I hate peppers.

On the other hand, I am eighteen now and need to eat my vegetables. And I need to make myself eat my vegetables.

I ate the pepper.

Hopefully that will actually lead to me growing up a bit.

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