Monday, December 10, 2012

Sleep Schedule

An extraordinarily lazy day.

Outisde it's freezing— there's snow and wind (I know this from hearsay— I didn't actually go outside).

We children slept about 12 hours, which is amazing in itself, and thus woke up at 11am, which meant that instead of living for… 16 hours, we're going to bed less than 12 hours after we woke up.

… It is not a nice feeling. In fact, it's downright annoying, and so I'm probably going to (hopefully) wake up earlier.

After waking up at 6am so many days, suddenly waking up at 11 and realizing that 6 hours after you're up there's no more light outside…


I'll stop with the rant for now… the basic thing is that on the 12th this blog will be one year old, and that's about all I'm really interested in saying right now.


I'm going off to sleep and hopefully I will wake up earlier tomorrow.

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