Sunday, December 9, 2012


We've finally arrived! It took us 10 hours from leaving the hotel in Istanbul to reach the apartment in Sinaia.

(We took a taxi, bus, airplane, and car, then walked a great deal to remember if it was Block 6 Apartment 5 or Block 5 Apartment 6.)

Also, there is snow. SNOW SNOW SNOW!

… I'm really quite happy and can't find words to express that.

We met most of the family at the airport, before taking the car to Sinaia, where we'll stay until late Friday to recharge our batteries, write blog posts, and in general be realxed, productive people who catch up on the things they meant to do before (like blog posts and editing and reading).

Then, we'll go to Campina, where we'll enjoy ourselves for the weekend, and then to Bucuresti, where we'll stay until at least after Christmas.

And there's snow and there's snow and there's snow! 

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