Friday, December 7, 2012

No More Self-Discipline

Well… I've reached the conclusion that apparently, I have no self-discipline any more.

It is a sad conclusion to reach.

I'm kind of waiting for Monday to see what that's like, and crossing my fingers that by the end of THAT week I'll have come to my senses and actually done at least one thing of the few things I had to do.

On the bright side, I finished my Egypt post (writing it, selecting pictures is for next week), and I started a great deal of tasks, which is saying something.

Tomorrow we head out to see the rest of Istanbul, and the day after, off to Romania!

I cannot wait.

(By the way, we all stayed home today, with the exception of Mom and Dad, who went out to see Istanbul. They enjoyed themselves. So did we.)

Um, what else. There's something wrong with my left arm and it refuses to be comfortable in any of the positions my right are is extraordinarily comortable in— like 'typing position' or 'straight' or 'raised.'

There's something wrong with some muscles. I feel like Dad. >_<

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