Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making Cookies

… I woke up late today. Actually, Ioan woke us up. It was 11:30.

Grandma and I made most of the Christmas cookies today. First Ioan and I filled cookies with jam. Then we started making the other cookies. 

The mixer's plug (the part you stick into the wall) broke, so Grandma cut the wire off, stuck the plug of an old toaster onto it (that wire was also cut), and duct taped them together.

It didn't work, so I said, "Why not mix the eggs by hand?" (which is, by the way, very painful work after a while). 

And we did end up beating the eggs by hand— my right arm hurts a lot right now, and it probably will be sore tomorrow, but it was great.

After dinner, MASH, which I mostly skipped over.

I've decided that everyone will have titles from now on:

Grandma: the Cook
Maria: the Washerwoman
Mom: the Patient
Dad: the Messenger
Grandpa: the Worker
Ileana/Ioan: Um…

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