Friday, December 28, 2012


A veeery lazy day today; I woke up late, wrote nothing, watched a Korean movie (pretty interesting, except now I have the accent stuck in my head.)

At about three, we headed to my cousin Ioana's house (which we've never seen before), for the blessing of the house. That was pretty interesting— it's a beautiful house, with white walls and pretty furniture and things like that. We stayed for the blessing of the house and the eating and things like that, but then had to leave early because we had to pick up my glasses.

That was pretty interesting, I guess— yesterday Dad and I stopped at the office of one of Dad's old college friends, who effectively put an end to any dreams I ever had of not wearing glasses without an eye operation.

It's a bit sad to realize that I'll now have compression spots on my nose, but… I'm just being whiny about things now.

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