Friday, December 14, 2012


We're in Câmpina, where the order of the day is: relaxation and discussion.

Discussion about everything. College, medicine, family stories, so on and so forth. We left Sinaia at about 3pm, which was interesting, as we were in a maxitaxi/microbus for forty minutes… we took everything with us except the bright pink umbrella somoene donated to us, and the horn was honking and people were handing it out like it was something out of a movie.

Finally reached the house, with frozen toes, and enjoyed ourselves with my uncle, Tic, before heading off to have a haircut at 6. Ileana's hair looks fantastic— it's shorter now and much curlier, mine is… very interesting (at the moment I'm too tired to care about hair), and Mom's looks exactly the same, except shorter.

I think, tomorrow, despite the fact that it's 1am as I'm writing this, I'm going to force myself to get up at 8 and write something. After all, I can't fall too far behind with all this MilWordy stuff. And I haven't done anything today.

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