Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gangnam Style

Soo…. I wrote 1500 words before leaving my room this morning at 10am.

Listening to the Gangnam Style video, which is fascinating and oddly catchy. I like the sound of Korean. It's hilarious because I watched the making-of video— all in Korean with Chinese subtitles, and Psy ('sigh') says, "See juk." Which means 'begin,' and is what WE say at Tae Kwon Do right before forms.

So I felt… quite smart, honestly. And like I have this awesome affinity with everything.

Monica, my aunt, came over and we all said hello and talked a bit, but she was hurrying home, so right before THAT we had (THAT being her leaving), my grandparents gave me my birthday present, so that they'd be first and because I usually wake up late in Romania, and so they wanted to wish me a happy birthday before everyone else, I guess.

The cameras weren't working properly, so we had an entire farce made up— with each box I opened… everyone ooohed and aaahed.

(By the way, there were lots of boxes. Most of them had more boxes.)

You will find out the present… tomorrow!

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