Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eye Doctor

Went to the eye doctor today— one of Dad's old college mates.

I'm not writing lately, which is very annoying, as MilWordy will soon be finishing.

I wrote a bit, actually… but then I watched three movies, including ONE FOR THE MONEY (a movie version of Janet Evanovitch's book of the same title), THE UGLY TRUTH (a Katherine Heigl movie also, which was okay), and then, finally, PRETTY WOMAN (which was lovely and I liked very much.

Tomorrow I will probably regret the fact that I didn't write much today, but honestly, I don't think I have the energy to do things like this right now.

Oh well?

We'll see how things work out with MilWordy. Best of luck to me in actually finishing it!

(For the last twenty five words I need to write… lately I've been feeling quite ridiculously unhappy about various things. I think I'm becoming sliiightly depressed. The only cure would seem to be completing this goal I set last December…)

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