Saturday, December 29, 2012


We are in Craiova! After starting out early in the car, we ended up here about noon— earlier than we'd expected.

We visited with most of Mom's family— her cousin and her daughter and their families, then to Dad's father's cousin, and met their two children (who are also in their thirties)…

It's weird how 'the children' of a family grow up and all of sudden they're not children any more and you're still saying 'the children' because… that's what they are. To you.

That's actually kind of from the point of view of my grandparents and all the older set, as that's what they call us and all those who now have kids of their own— the children.

I slept in the car— I tried to write but couldn't, since I was falling asleep every few moments and starting back awake. Right now I'm not very tired at all, but tomorrow we head out early and we'll have to stay in the car for seven hours, during which time I absolutely need to write at least 10,000 words.

I foresee no sleep for a while, in a way.

Which doesn't sound nice.

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