Sunday, December 30, 2012


We're in Cluj-Napoca, after starting out quite early this morning and driving out all the way here… it took us about nine hours. Very interesting, in the end. I liked it.

After reaching Țuțu's house (Though her real name is Carmen, we call her Tsu-tsu), we ate lasagna, talked a bit, and then we kids (she has a daughter named Teodora) went upstairs to talk and play Monopoly.

Though Ioan was beating us apart, we girls got together in one team— pooling our resources, and beat him soundly in the end. After all, Ioan was getting to be a bit too rich for our taste. :)

I wrote a bit more today, but mostly copied down Facebook messages.

This could honestly some day amount to the length of a novel, which is a bit frightening.

I also managed to find out something very interesting: Lou Bega, who sang Mambo No. 5, is not only not from the 1920s or something, he's in his late 30s, he was born in GERMANY, and he brought out an album in 2010.

When everything you know is wrong…

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