Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve!

Ileana, Ioan, and I headed off to Bunica Ioana's on our own through the metro stations— considering we've never walked home or to the metro stations by ourselves, this was something of an accomplishment.

We took one phone with us, a map in our heads, and arrived exactly one hour and something later, then headed out to ice skate (the entire reason only the three of us had shown up.)

Ileana, however, decided to stay behind and prettify the cake, so Ioan, Cristina, Tic, and I headed out.

However, the ice-skating rink was closed.

So we came back, talked a bit, fixed the cake up properly, and then ate literally, a feast. It was truly lovely. After the appetizer and first course, we opened the presents (pajamas and a jewelry box for me! I foresee many uses for the latter over the years), had the second course (goose), realized we were too full to eat the cake at that point, and went to dance to all sorts of awesome songs, then ate the cake. All in all, a lovely, lovely day.

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