Saturday, December 1, 2012


We're in Cairo.


After a 12.5 hour train ride in which we were treated to a buffet of cigarette smoke gently flowing through the corridor in amounts small enough to be breathable, but large enough to be annoying, we reached Cairo, where no one knew where our hotel was.

After being stopped by a group of girls who wanted to help, then pointed the way, we walked past a garbage dump full of garbage and… cats.

We walked, asked for directions again (the ratio of Arabic speakers-only to English-speakers-also is much larger than in Luxor), and finally found a hotel (it says 'hospital' in the front though) that had an English speaker who got us a taxi who took us to the hotel…

Where a woman came straight toward us (not including Dad who was checking us in) and asked where we were from. She'd been to Romania 6 years ago… and she's from Tokyo, Japan.

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