Sunday, December 16, 2012


We've reached Bucharest! There is now a new kitchen cupboard set, and two new rugs, but otherwise the entire house is exactly the same as it was last time. 

There is good food, and quiet, and no parents telling us what time to go to bed. (They're four floors up, in another apartment, with Ioan). Instead, Grandma asks us what time we're planning on going to bed, and comments on how late that time is, depending.

Also, most important part of today— I went clothes shopping. With Cristina, my aunt, in principality, to find skirts and dress shirts and things like that. 

The realization that I 'must' now learn to act 'like a girl' (hair care products beyond the basic shampoo, conditioner, and brush; tens of dresses and skirts and special shirts and shoes and jewelry and what-have-you)… it is not nice. Honestly, the best part about this year has been that I don't have to have clothes. No fancy dresses, worry about make-up (MAKE-UP! I have to learn about that too!), etc…

And now all of a sudden I have the reputation of a family to uphold and I have to look at least like a semblance of a person who cares about the beauty/fashion industry.

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