Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blue Mosque

We went to the Blue Mosque and the Hagya Sofya today, which was lovely (though cold. It's cold in Turkey. Apparently it's even colder in Romania.)

We're in walking distance of both, so after breakfast, (LOVELY), and after another short break, we went off to find the Blue Mosque, passing by some lovely houses and ruins on the other side of the street.

While waiting in line for the Blue Mosque, we met with an Ethiopian woman now living in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, we forgot to exchange names before we entered the mosque, and afterwards we couldn't find her any longer. She's spending two weeks in Istanbul.

After the Blue Mosque (which was interesting— I liked the stained glass windows), we went to the Hagya Sofya, which I liked a bit more. Originally a church built by the Emperor Justinian, it was converted to a mosque. Now there's mosaics of Jesus and the Virgin Mary and other saints, flanked by placards bearing the name of Allah or Mohammed.

It's a museum now, which is the only reason both can exist 'in harmony,' but I like it.

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