Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Beach

So today is an interesting day… for one thing… it took me till about 10pm to write 5,000 words…

For another thing, I started a new novel that was supposed to be about Santa Claus, but… is turning out to be about a tooth fairy. A volunteer tooth fairy.

I have no idea what's going to happen in 45,000 words, honestly. We'll see how things go. It will be fascinating to see whether or not this novel makes sense.

Also, Mother and Father forced us to go to the beach. Women are either Muslim or tourists (the tourists are what you'd expect on a beach), the Muslim women are covered from wrist to neck to ankle and also have their hair covered so you cannot see their neck. And this isn't skin-tight or anything. It's like a baggy dress. It also means that me=sitting on this really cool wobbly dock with my long-sleeved and long-panted sun-proof bathing suit watching my sister jump into the water in a bikini.

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