Sunday, November 18, 2012


It's hard to believe that we're in Egypt. It doesn't feel as if this is Egypt. Today at 12:30pm the internet gave out… five minutes late it was thundering and lightening… people at the hotel restaurant were scrambling to pile all the pillows into one big pile so only a few would get wet. I have decided I want lots of pillows in one room of my house, just to make a pillow fort like that.

The storm lasted for about an hour— it even hailed a bit— and then we had no electricity for three more hours.

This reminded me of Nepal. Egypt itself reminds me of an empty India. It's an interesting country— so far. But it's not anything that has yet fascinated me. Despite the fact that the sea is beautiful (and you can see the mountains on the other side), the only reason Egypt is in the running for best country is because of the real life TV we were treated to while the hotel employees were scrambling to get ready for the thunder storm.

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