Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Eloise frowned…

Wait. Wrong document. 

Eloise is my main character, and I just want to say that that particular novel has almost 70,000 words, and it might carry all the way to 80,000.

We're in Egypt, which is fantastic, and warm (it's waaarm), and we went to the supermarket, Carrefour, to get some food.

Well, there was a fast food type sort of thing… counter? I'm losing my words in my brain, honestly.

And the guy behind the counter, he saw us snooping around his pretty-looking food, picked up a sausage-looking thing, and handed it to Mom, and said, "Taste."

Only in Egypt. This doesn't even happen in India that I know of.

We ended up buying basically one of everything, and then walking home.

The street outside our hotel is SO bright, it's like daylight, despite the fact that the sun has been down for a while.

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