Monday, November 26, 2012


Today feels like an extraordinarily productive day… probably because I finished everything on my very short to-do list…

I'm feeling inspired to write, which is great and at the same time a bit niggling… I have four days until the end of November, and I just decided I was going to 'grow up' and not 'waste time' on such pursuits any longer…

Though I suppose that reading the romance novels in the cruise ship library are worse than writing. At the same time… meh.

As to the cruise ship. It's apparently five stars, though the food, beyond the pitas and feta cheese, could definitely use some work. The pomegranates we had as dessert for lunch, though, were fantastic.

Everything beyond the basic services costs money though— lots of it. But, the beds are clean, there is light, and I can go into the bathroom without getting my feet wet, which is lovely. 

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