Saturday, November 24, 2012

Abu Simbel

Woke up at 3am, went down to the car at 3:30, and took off toward this monument that was basically moved  a few hundred meters to avoid the water that was rushing in after the building of a dam on the Nile River.

Well, actually, there are two temples. One is the big one, the other is slightly smaller. They probably have official names, but I think it's either all officially guided or self-guided, and we (read I) didn't look at the guidebook too much beyond figuring out what was on the temple walls.

The really interesting thing is that the inside of the temple gets more and more like an oven the deeper you get into it. In the entrance hall, it's pleasantly warm. But as you go deeper and into the smaller side chambers, you start getting uncomfortably hot— a bit like you're being baked. I wonder why.

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