Wednesday, November 14, 2012

140,000 words

Yup. It's totally true, too. I spent most of today writing 20,136 words for Settling the Accounts, which I'm proud to report, is finished.

Yesterday I got an idea for Novel #3, which I didn't think about at all today, for obvious reasons. (See third sentence of this post).

But, now, at 21:46, I can think about it.

Since we spent most of the day in the hotel room, I can't say much, except that I've been listening to La Notre Dame de Paris opera, which is fantastic.

And I also danced a lot today, which was also fun.

Also, my head hurts, I'm a bit tired, and I'll be sleeping in tomorrow.

Breakfast, also, was very good. Dad somehow got us to "no breakfast" to "breakfast,' just by asking if we have breakfast.

Also, this hotel is flying the Romanian flag. I don't think it was doing that yesterday before we showed up. :)

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