Monday, October 15, 2012

Year 1

This trip has acquired the illustrious age of 366 days.

We have been on the road for a year.

To celebrate, we girls stayed inside all day and read, wrote, or worked on movies/singing. The boys did mostly the same thing, except they went out to the beach as well.

We had baklava and a variety of unpronounceable Greek desserts to celebrate.

Mostly, though, today was quiet.

I cleaned three pomegranates (grown right here in the yard!), devoured most of them, and shared a little with the rest of the family.

And, awesomely, I edited for two hours, wrote in French for another hour, and reached 5345 words in the new novel.

Afterward, Ioan and I watched Remington Steele, figured out 100 Floors levels, and played solitaire.

A lovely, quiet, (very quiet) day… and I have no idea what else to say without going on about my projects, which no one seems to care about. 


  1. I do care about your projects. I enjoy reading about travels, tribulkations, corks, and all. But I don't want to put some other burden on your plate of having to answer to e-mail to people whom you might barely recall or remember. Enjoy the rest of your trip through the world and through the life. Best regards E. Richards Western NY

  2. It's not a burden! And my memory is doing just fine-- I remember almost everything about home and its people. It's the things that happened this morning that I struggle to recall. :)