Monday, October 29, 2012


The absolute highlight of Venice is and probably will always be the pigeons in San Marco Square. You feed them bits of bread or ice cream cone and they hop on your hand, then hop off again later. They flutter around and peck gently. They coo.

And everyone loves them. 

We didn't have any bread with us, so we watched carefully through crowds of pigeons. I found a bit of ice cream cone and started using that, but Ioan found half a bagel, and we chased the pigeons away to feed them much more efficiently.

There are so many pictures and videos.

But now, important things.

Venice is slowly sinking. People are leaving. In a few years, this place might not even exist.

Which is why when we talked over Italy, and I'd just finished ranting about all these locations, and Dad asked where we wanted to go in Italy, I said, "I want to see Venice," thus sort-of shocking everyone.

Venice is beautiful. But I can't quite work out how they get in and out of their houses. Where's the back door? Do the people with houses into a canal also have a back door onto a street?

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