Saturday, October 27, 2012


So today was rainy.

And let me just say: you don't know how miserable you can be until your raincoat is wet on the inside and on the outside.

Today we saw a great deal of things, including the Academia (listening to Rick Steves is painful for my ears. Academia is pronounced Ah-Cah-Dem-EE-Ah, not Ahk-Ah-DAYM-yah. Thank you. And Michelangelo is ME-Kell-Ahn-Gel-Oh, not Michael-angelo. THANK YOU.)

That said, David is hot.

^ I'm tired. I have a novel title. Two of them. I planned today. I learned about neuron communication. And saw a really cool exhibit.

A man is peeling an apple. He cores it afterward. Then it flashes to the same man stretching in his apartment. And his coat. And back to the man peeling his apple.

No explanation is offered.

Then there's another video with a man and his son in a supermarket. So many questions are raised… it's fascinating.

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