Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It was so hard to leave Venice. But I'll talk about that later. In an official blog post.

Planning today for NaNoWriMo, after cleaning out some more of my mail and finding a great deal of webpages on logarithms and blowtorches.

Did you know that the first blowlamp (blowtorch) patent was taken out by a Frenchman on January 7th, 1791? I didn't, which meant that I went on a hunt to figure out what sort of tool my main character might have been using.

As to logarithms, Scott H. Young is offering a bootcamp by email, so I needed to find a hard concept that I hadn't quite yet understood.

When I chose logarithms, I thought, "Oh, I remember what this is all about, so it will be easier than it's supposed to be… but I don't have time anyway, so…"

It's not easy. I remember the basics, but when they start giving me problems I start messing up. Hence… the perfect idea.

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