Friday, October 26, 2012


We're in Florence!

On the agenda for today:

- Seeing the Pitti Museum, which is awesome and has a great deal of paintings.

I couldn't see most of the paintings in the Pitti Museum, seeing as I'm blind and all, but the ones I could see were awesome. 

- Seeing the Galileo Museum
- Finding out how a globe is made
- And a great deal of other cool inventions

At one point, Ioan was sitting on the floor looking up at the television screens explaining these inventions like they were Tom & Jerry cartoons. I think this was his favorite museum so far.

- Seeing the Duomo

We climbed 463 steps to the top, which was… crazy, especially since there was only one staircase and everyone went up or down the same one.

- Eating gelato

And on this subject. If I say I want Hazelnut, and then I say I want Cherry, WHY does everyone decide to put the Cherry on first, then Hazelnut on as a side dish? 

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