Sunday, October 28, 2012

Freezing Rain

Freezing cold rain today.


Actually, what's really lovely is that we stayed home today. I planned a bit, tried to figure out this silversmithing stuff (and let me tell you, it's absolutely fascinating stuff) for The Handkerchief (who'd have thunk it would have a silversmith in it?), and relaxed a bit before heading off to Uffizzi.

That was fascinating. Rick Steves apologized for his terrible Italian accent, so we got along for 2 hours as we toured the place. Botticelli = fascinating. Of course, the only place I could see clearly was Venus's face, and that's outline a bit. Which I really like.

So… yes.

Afterward we headed off to the Palazzo Vecchio, then walked all the way home in freezing rain.

My hands felt numb holding up my hood, so I stuck them both under the raincoat and walked home bare-headed. It was much more comfortable.

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