Thursday, October 18, 2012


It's kind of sad to realize that today is our last day of vacation time… in a long time. After this we go to Athens, where we'll probably walk and walk and walk.

After that is Italy, where we'll be traveling 24/7… but I digress.

I woke up today as usual… and stayed in bed reading instead of editing.

The conclusion I've drawn is that I should start work first thing in the morning, or it doesn't get done at all. Total things off to-do list done today: 0. I edited for 50 minutes, went to do French… and got caught up in Spanish songs.

Thus… during schooltime, I did Statistics from Ileana's mathbook, ignored writing…

Today was a lovely day. I needed a total break from everything. I made a music video, went to the beach and made rock art (as well as swimming way far out with a buoy strapped onto my stomach), semi-won at our game of Macao (Dad reached 200 first… but I reached 200 as well by the end of the turn).

And… I made more yogurt+cornflake+pomegranate+orange art.

Fun fun fun!

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