Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Eyelash

About a week ago, I got an eyelash into my left eye. I don't know how… but I noticed when I laid down to go to bed as a minor little scratching on the outside corner. After rubbing to no avail... "Eh," I figured, "It'll work itself out."

I woke up in the morning just fine. That night, more scratchy feeling. This went on for a while. I checked to see if there was anything in the mirror… but there wasn't.

Last night it took a while to get over the idea of "Every time I blink, I'm going to feel a scratch."

This morning… I didn't feel fine. In fact, except when I was engaged in cognitive activities… like reading, I could feel the scratchiness over the middle of my eye. (We went to see Torino with Ileana's and Mom's penpals)

I used water to wash it out when we got home. Ileana's contact solution. Ileana's eye drops. Running water. The shower head during my shower (at various angles, too). Nothing seems to work.

And yet, I KNOW it's there. I saw it this morning… and might have been able to take it out. Except… I blinked. And off it went into the deep recesses of my eye where it loves to scratch.

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