Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Artistic Day


So… I put a little less on my plate today. Just 3 hours of editing, and 1 hour of French. 

Yesterday I blocked up on EVERYTHING. I reached a scene which I wasn't sure if it fit in the book. I decided it did after replacing one of the themes I hadn't used. But… the conflict in it was terrible and shot through. So today I spent 3 hours getting it into shape. It's still not done… but at least I'm over the hard part.

I have no idea what to write in French any more. So, after writing for about 10 minutes… I gave up and read a French Grammar Book. (I like grammar, but I don't like worrying about it when I have to write.)

And… in the unnamed novel… it's 10,000 words in, and ever since the first thousand I have felt as if something's off. I thought "Oh, it's just the jitters." (None of my books begin right or end right). But 10k in is too long to have the jitters. So… I'm planning out a new October novel.

Also in the agenda: 

Yogurt, cornflake, pomegranate and the occasional orange creations. I took one hour off to make and eat breakfast today… 40 minutes to make a concoction and 20 minutes to eat it.

And I had the same sort of art for dinner!

I also made a music video (which no one quite understood… but I knew it needed a breather time… I made it in 3 hours with no break).

Aaaand… afterward Dad and Ioan and I played Spit!  (Card game)

Dad is very, very, very good for a beginner.

Stars: 5/5

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