Saturday, September 22, 2012

Picasso and Film

Well. Today is the last day in Barcelona.

After this we go to Milan.

The first thing on the list for today is going to Museum Picasso.

About all I know about Picasso is that his first name is Pablo and he invented cubism and he was really good at realism before he decided to go into less realistic things.

Turns out I was about right.

As Ioan so very ably described Picasso's talents:

"At thirteen he was drawing like an 80 year old Rembrandt, and then he turns 80 and he's drawing like a five-year-old little girl."

He backed out of the 'little girl' part by going on to say that girls are more creative.

But, when I asked Ioan if he liked Picasso's paintings, he was very diplomatic and wouldn't give me a straight answer.

Which… okay. You're being diplomatic. I forgive you. Just tell me it's crazy and you can't understand it either and we're good.

Mom can't. We get along quite well trying to figure out how mismatched pottery is ART.

Dad, probably because he is a psychiatrist, thinks it's amazing and he actually understands what this is all about (something about a face still being a face if the eyes are on the cheeks…)

I mean, I can sort of understand Salvador Dali's surrealism and an ear on a nose place and a nose on an ear place. And long-legged elephants and melting clocks and faces.

Kind of.

But those at least had shading!

Picasso doesn't. I cannot understand Picasso.

New subject!

We came home, hung around on the internet… (internet should be banned. Or, better yet, I should have the self-discipline to ban internet)

We went to Mom's half of the family for lunch… lots of left overs, but also tomato salad.

Y'know… it is so nice to eat Romanian food. Never mind that it was kind of mostly Spanish. The food, though, is very nice when you're sharing it with six 'new' additional people who all talk fluently in Romanian.

We also watched the movie.

Parts of it were badly heard… I think, though, that it was more the fact that both Alex's laptop and the iPad were playing sound at the same time.

According to the family, it was quite good.

 I still think we make fools of ourselves.

But… on the bright side… they liked it.

But get this. Instead of rejoicing that my film career is OVER, I'm actually thinking of a new film. It's quite nice when all you do is voice overs. And when the laptop moves properly. And when everything is at full-speed.

Sometimes I think that not following the goals and rules I set down for myself is bad. 

Then something like this comes up. 

My dad did the same thing. When we came back from Paris in 2006, he said, "No more trips."

Two weeks later he was looking at new travel locations.

It's just hopeless.

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