Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall and Park Guell

The question of the day was… is it fall today or yesterday?

I don't think we actually decided on the answer… poor us.

Um. What did we do today? We went to the Park Guell. This is a park designed by Gaudí originally to be a private residential park with 30 apartments.

Unfortunately, those only came in style 100 years later.

So it's a community park now, full of mosaic-ish like rounded shapes and houses.

Very interesting.

Also, sandy dirt pathways that collect puddles like it's an accomplishment.

We walked around, enjoyed the music (harp! HARP!) that people had come to play, took pictures, and payed €24.50 to enter Gaudí's house itself. I like finding ideas for houses… so when it comes up to the idea of whether we go to Gaudí's house or not… of course we have to!

But apparently the rest of the family actually thinks we're skipping it.

"Absolutely not!" I said, "I want to see Gaudí's house!"

Whereupon Dad is so shocked/pleased/surprised he gives a sort of war whoop, hugs me, and says, "That's it, we're going. Maria wants to go, so we're going."

I guess the one good thing about not wanting to go anywhere is that when you do express the slightest wish to do anything beyond sit down, everyone rushes to do your slightest bidding.

Which is always good.

Hmm… what else?

This morning we finished all the voice overs for the Top Secret Project.

I managed to speak the entire ridiculously long and complicated 'pharmacy talk' in a record 30 seconds, without even messing up that much! I was amazed.

Also very proud of myself, since I wasn't expecting to be able to do something that awesome. I mean, I knew I could, but I wasn't expecting being able to do it in that short of a time period.

(Then again, in English it was 23 seconds. But that's something else).

Hmm… What else?

We had a lovely meal together, all of us, and then talk turned to Maria and medical school (that's me and my vocation for the next few years).

Now, the first reaction was one of those highly hilarious, "Oh, this family and their ridiculous ideas!!!"

But then once they realized that it certainly would not be their responsibility to be my manager (a very solid Romanian theory that an 18-year-old is not nearly old enough to make her own decisions), they said, "Oh, okay, do what you like!"

And were nice enough to give me the exact picture of how the next 6 years might be.

I might be running away at this point from the ever-scary idea of RESPONSIBILITY, but I realized that there is no way I can study what I need to study in order to go to any college in 5 months.

I mean… I might be able to, but if it takes an average high school student 2-4 years to learn all this stuff… who am I to think I can do it in five months?

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