Monday, September 24, 2012


People I know keep turning 18. Or 19. I can't wait till December in a way.

In another way… 18 means a lot of things I'm not sure I'm prepared for (of course, that's what I think before every important event in my life… or every not-so-important event, and when the event rolls around I do rather well), like credit cards. And… stuff.

At any rate… happy birthday, Isaac!

We left Milano today at about 8… I woke up at 5:45 to talk to Bouchra because I wasn't certain whether or not we'd have internet in Mikonos.

But we do! So that was lovely.

We talked from 7 something to 8, since Bouchra's been up late for the past few days.

At any rate, I am going to write the rest of this quite quickly… since there's not much to say. I tried to sleep in the plane, and actually fell asleep a bit, until I was woken up by laughter and giggling and Dad saying, "Leave her alone, don't torture her."

Whereupon I actually believed that they'd drawn a mustache on me or something.

No such thing, luckily. My reaction was to feel my mouth and check for ink, then say, "But I didn't fall asleep long enough!"

I checked my face by taking a picture… thankfully no mustache. It made everyone laugh harder.

In the airport, we all enjoyed ourselves by naming cities we could think of, and then countries.

We know more countries than cities. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but that is us.

I made a list in the plane (after realizing I couldn't fall asleep) of all the countries I know. While I became tired of the exercise and stopped, I do have at least 85 mostly off the top of my head. Now if only I could remember all those Western African countries that dot the map.


Grandma and Grandpa are in Greece. Dad and I walked over to their hotel and said hello…

Let me tell you a secret. Picking up the grandparents is the process of an hour. It's lovely. We say hello, let's leave… and then spend 45 minutes talking. It's fantastic.

We were told about the birthday parties, and the nutella/meringue cake that was fixed up magically by Grandma.

Tomorrow we must locate a restaurant somewhere to celebrate.

Personally I don't like restaurants. Their food, yes. The setting… not at all. It's just… not homey enough.


Bouchra and I have adopted a motto: BE RELENTLESS.

And what that means is we accept no half-measures and in general stick to our goals. Like, for example, finishing all these blog posts.

I kind of don't want to. At the same time… if I don't complete these blog posts, Bouchra has license to yell at me for a long time. 

Alright, good night! It's time to go to bed… I shall be in bed by 10:25!

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