Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Cold

The plan for today was to have finished (rather, exterminated) every 'debt' I had. Blog posts, novels, book reviews…

It didn't work that way. I should have finished the novel at 60k. (That's Pirate Prince, by the say). Instead, I found myself reaching 60k tonight and realizing that unless I want to drive myself batty in the editing process, it's going to take 65k.

And the plans for October are editing and writing. A new story. I don't really have time for this.

I would have stayed up later to finish the story. But I have a cold. And it's eleven o'clock. And the headache wants to split my head open. So after this… I'm going to bed.

We're on Syros… it took us an hour with the boat. I slept with my head on the table. I've never done that before… it's very uncomfortable. We went to see the square, ate the best gyros ever (one which I actually finished, despite not being that hungry), and wanted to watch Madagascar 3. But it was in Greek, so we came home.

And colds are no fun.

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