Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Cold

The plan for today was to have finished (rather, exterminated) every 'debt' I had. Blog posts, novels, book reviews…

It didn't work that way. I should have finished the novel at 60k. (That's Pirate Prince, by the say). Instead, I found myself reaching 60k tonight and realizing that unless I want to drive myself batty in the editing process, it's going to take 65k.

And the plans for October are editing and writing. A new story. I don't really have time for this.

I would have stayed up later to finish the story. But I have a cold. And it's eleven o'clock. And the headache wants to split my head open. So after this… I'm going to bed.

We're on Syros… it took us an hour with the boat. I slept with my head on the table. I've never done that before… it's very uncomfortable. We went to see the square, ate the best gyros ever (one which I actually finished, despite not being that hungry), and wanted to watch Madagascar 3. But it was in Greek, so we came home.

And colds are no fun.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I had a Skype chat this morning.

I've reached the conclusion that it is best to work in the morning rather than talk. While super enjoyable… I didn't hit 5k today.

I think I could have, had I not turned the internet on/been so sleepy.

An interesting day today… Mom found three lice on herself. The rest of us are completely clean. We think she picked them up somewhere in L'Estartit's hotel… hence I have mineral oil in my hair which didn't wash out properly, because I am paranoid and thus demand being fixed when there doesn't seem to be much broken.

Anyway. We kids went to Grandma's and Grandpa's hotel. Ate pizza. Lounged.

I finished reading a book. It's a nice feeling.

And among other things… I feel productive.

Despite the fact that I've been sleepy since 7pm. I think it's something in the mineral oil.


Anyway, tomorrow we leave Mikonos. This makes me sad. :(

Friday, September 28, 2012


New rule: 150 words minimum. 200 words max.

Why? 500 is too much. I've learned dependability, now it's time for conciseness.

The mindset is completely different. Interesting.

I woke up as usual at 7:30. After checking in with Bouchra, I turned the internet off and wrote more than I was expecting to, which made me happy.

Then we went to Grandma's and Grandpa's hotel… and relaxed by the pool for at least 6 hours. I swam a bit…

Read a bit… (finished a book!)

And talked a bit.

We ate pizza.

And showed off the movie to one of Grandpa's co-workers.

Then we came home and I wrote a bit more. Finally, after almost 9 months, I've reached 50,000 words in Pirate Prince! Just 10,000 more to go. I can hit that in two days.

I posted up three blog posts… with pictures!

And scheduled two more to be posted.

And got bitten in three places by mosquitoes, which reminds me that you can never be too happy.

And I found three French grammar books. It remains to be seen which one will be most useful.

I like this new short length.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

End of Story

I forgot how lovely it is to work at a goal and complete it.

Today I finished the Berlin blog post and the Camp Testimonial (this one needs some editing from Mom, because it's in Romanian and I want to make sure the grammar is good).

This morning I wrote 3258 words on Pirate Prince. It's not finished yet, and I've hit another BUMP, but that's nothing some outlining tonight before bed can't fix, but I'm at 45,793 words. 

As to blog posts, I've selected pictures for Kruger, South Africa, Madagascar, London, and Vienna. I'm a bit antsy about the choices… they're not as good as Mom and Dad's, but I like the pictures… and I've always felt there were too many animal pictures to begin with. There's one animal, but ten pictures. And everyone else already has the best shots of that particular animal.

So, I figure, skip the elephant, skip the cheetah… wait no, I like the cheetah. I want a cheetah picture, skip the genet… 

… what is the point of all of this?

Today was a complicated, turn-about, interesting, devastating, fascinating, productive day. End of story.

I'm going to bed now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I woke up at 7.

And it's time for a new… something. We left at 9:30 exactly, which meant that from 7:20 to 9:15 I had time to work. And from 17:00 to 19:30, when I had more time to work and reach 45k and finish the Berlin blog post and the Camp testimonial.

But what did I do instead? Browse the web. 

Sorry, there's a problem here. Just because I didn't 'feel' like writing. Isn't one of the rules of writing "Write even when you don't feel like it?"

So, the plan for tomorrow is very simple. BE RELENTLESS and all that jazz.

(I wonder how people actually take mottos as their mottos. I haven't yet managed to do it yet.)

We left at 9:30 to get to the bus station, so that we could go te Delos, which is one of the most important archeological places in Greece. It's the place where Apollo and Artemis were born, and for some reason no one can be born on the island and no one can die on the island.

Which raises the question… what happens if someone hit their head, fell down, and died instantly? On the island? What sort of purification would the area have to undergo? What happens to the body?

Interesting topics to think about.

At any rate, we went to Delos, looked around, sweated like pigs, and then I let the rest of the family climbb up to the top of the hill. I declared I was going to be sick if I had to climb that entire hill in such heat, and surprisingly enough I was left alone. I spent a lovely hour writing the tentative plot for my NaNo'12 novel, and then reading Louisa May Alcott's Jo's Boys, which is the sequel to the sequel of Little Women.

I also played with cats and kittens. All in all, quite lovely. 

We headed back home at about 15:00, after picking up newly made salt (it was still somewhat liquidy), and then Grandma and I talked on the ferry boat back about all sorts of things (I can't quite remember which it was about, since there were about 17 different topics throughout the day… including my 18th birthday present) 

We bought gelato (Ileana and I took homemade raspberry… there were SEEDS! It was awesome! Ioan took cookie. All seven of us shared a bit amongst ourselves, as usual), and then we took the bus toward home. Wherein Grandma and I talked a bit more.

It seems that me saying 'I want to do medical school in Romania' has opened up an enormous can of worms that has everyone talking about college and high school experiences. I have all sorts of equivalence things to do… I have to learn Romanian history and read Romanian literature and on top of that have all the stuff for med school down.

I'm just praying at this point that I'll be able to do it in 2013, not 2014.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Greek Birthdays

La mulți ani, Bunica!

I woke up early to talk to Bouchra… Bouchra slept in 4 hours. She's sick. That's her only excuse. And she hasn't slept very well for the past few nights. That's another excuse. But that's about all the excuses she gets.

Dad told me this morning that he downloaded guides to Greek for me and that I'm to learn how to speak it by the time we leave Greece on the 22nd of October.

Totally doable. Once I learn what this alphabet is!

(And I think I've sort of figured it out!)

At any rate, I found a very useful website where it gives me 12 lessons to learn enough to get by in Greek. At least, I'm assuming it does.

We have exactly 4 weeks before leaving Greece. I think that that is enough time to get a grasp of the basic grammar of Greek, and to be able to order a meal or figure out what it is we're buying in the grocery store.

The one thing will be to desensitize myself to what the family thinks (the rest of Greece can think I'm crazy… I'm never seeing most of these people again, in most cases). But the family? I'm going to be living with them for 3 more months 24/7. And after that a few more months in close quarters. And then seeing them for the rest of my life.

I suppose the best way to stop thinking about all this is consider the fact that they're not learning Greek.

Which means that I can take charge of restaurant ordering (should there be any), paying… 

I don't even like doing that in ENGLISH! Well… at any rate something's going to happen, I'll see how it is.

 I finished the Prague blog post… technically it's not a very good one, but we spent four days there, two of which had activities… so I feel justified in having written only 408 words. At any rate, it will be short and sweet. And will have pictures.

In other news… I also wrote 391 words for Pirate Prince. Less than I was wanting to write, but I haven't written in about a week, and I have no idea what happens next.

We spent most of the day with the grandparents as well. Grandma has an iPad, which we taught her to use (ish). We also went to the pool (me for about thirty seconds, Ileana and Ioan for at least 15 minutes). Grandma and I walked down to the beach, where she made me get in the water and swim. A lovely exercise… but too WET. My hands felt really soft/rough afterwards… sort of like a dry softness that was also slightly rugged. That, I think, is from the salt.

I've learned most of the Greek alphabet and the differences between αν before some letters and αν before other letters. One is pronounced 'av,' the other is pronounced 'af.'

Καλινύχτα! Good night!

Monday, September 24, 2012


People I know keep turning 18. Or 19. I can't wait till December in a way.

In another way… 18 means a lot of things I'm not sure I'm prepared for (of course, that's what I think before every important event in my life… or every not-so-important event, and when the event rolls around I do rather well), like credit cards. And… stuff.

At any rate… happy birthday, Isaac!

We left Milano today at about 8… I woke up at 5:45 to talk to Bouchra because I wasn't certain whether or not we'd have internet in Mikonos.

But we do! So that was lovely.

We talked from 7 something to 8, since Bouchra's been up late for the past few days.

At any rate, I am going to write the rest of this quite quickly… since there's not much to say. I tried to sleep in the plane, and actually fell asleep a bit, until I was woken up by laughter and giggling and Dad saying, "Leave her alone, don't torture her."

Whereupon I actually believed that they'd drawn a mustache on me or something.

No such thing, luckily. My reaction was to feel my mouth and check for ink, then say, "But I didn't fall asleep long enough!"

I checked my face by taking a picture… thankfully no mustache. It made everyone laugh harder.

In the airport, we all enjoyed ourselves by naming cities we could think of, and then countries.

We know more countries than cities. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but that is us.

I made a list in the plane (after realizing I couldn't fall asleep) of all the countries I know. While I became tired of the exercise and stopped, I do have at least 85 mostly off the top of my head. Now if only I could remember all those Western African countries that dot the map.


Grandma and Grandpa are in Greece. Dad and I walked over to their hotel and said hello…

Let me tell you a secret. Picking up the grandparents is the process of an hour. It's lovely. We say hello, let's leave… and then spend 45 minutes talking. It's fantastic.

We were told about the birthday parties, and the nutella/meringue cake that was fixed up magically by Grandma.

Tomorrow we must locate a restaurant somewhere to celebrate.

Personally I don't like restaurants. Their food, yes. The setting… not at all. It's just… not homey enough.


Bouchra and I have adopted a motto: BE RELENTLESS.

And what that means is we accept no half-measures and in general stick to our goals. Like, for example, finishing all these blog posts.

I kind of don't want to. At the same time… if I don't complete these blog posts, Bouchra has license to yell at me for a long time. 

Alright, good night! It's time to go to bed… I shall be in bed by 10:25!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cold Lasagna


Bon giorno!

I have something interesting to say.

I understand Italian almost better than Spanish or French.

Now I have a secret.

I've never studied Italian.

French and Spanish, on the other hand… that's right. I studied those. I wonder why Italian seems to me so much easier. Maybe because it's close enough to Romanian, French, and Spanish that all of a sudden all the words are easier.

Maybe if I'd studied Italian and French, Spanish would be easier and Italian and French would be harder.

It bears thinking of.

Last night we slept six hours. I got up early, to download a character bio something a jig, which meant that I slept in the plane for the entire hour that we were in the air.

It was lovely.

Then we sat in the Milan airport (without our passports having been checked after we entered the country) and waited for Dad to go get our car reservation.

When Mom thought she saw a guy with a beard driving a car, out we came of the airport to stand on the curve and wait for Dad. (Because, strangely enough, he's not the only guy with a beard)

But he did show up after about five minutes, which is good.

The drive to the hotel is about 6km and 10 minutes.

We took an hour, getting lost various times. Ioan slept in the car. Lucky kid.

I'm talking to Bouchra! It's awesome. We haven't talked in a long time… and now we're talking for about an hour in a row, which we really haven't done in a long time.

We're talking about all sorts of things, including when we'll next have internet. This is a mystery. It could be tomorrow, it could be in a week. It could be the week after. We'll certainly have internet in December, before the 19th. I might not be able to use it on this laptop, which means I won't be on all the time.

It is really great.

What else did we do today?


Mom and Dad went out to buy food. They came back sporting lasagna and cake.

Now here's the problem.

We don't have plates. We don't have anything but two sinks and two cups. No heating implements… unless we want to stick the lasagna on top of the heaters.

So what do we do? We eat cold lasagna as finger food. It's quite good. Very yummy.

The cake also, but not so much. Rather, I like the peach yogurt more.

Daddy bought us two songs. I'm updated to iOS6. It's rather weird because I'm not sure how to download songs onto my iPod… but I'll figure it out at some point.

I think it has something to do with playing a song to the end. I'll test it, though.

There's a mosquito in the room. Just my luck. Mosquitos love eating my hands. I don't like them at all.

Anyway. (Word of the day!)

Good night!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Picasso and Film

Well. Today is the last day in Barcelona.

After this we go to Milan.

The first thing on the list for today is going to Museum Picasso.

About all I know about Picasso is that his first name is Pablo and he invented cubism and he was really good at realism before he decided to go into less realistic things.

Turns out I was about right.

As Ioan so very ably described Picasso's talents:

"At thirteen he was drawing like an 80 year old Rembrandt, and then he turns 80 and he's drawing like a five-year-old little girl."

He backed out of the 'little girl' part by going on to say that girls are more creative.

But, when I asked Ioan if he liked Picasso's paintings, he was very diplomatic and wouldn't give me a straight answer.

Which… okay. You're being diplomatic. I forgive you. Just tell me it's crazy and you can't understand it either and we're good.

Mom can't. We get along quite well trying to figure out how mismatched pottery is ART.

Dad, probably because he is a psychiatrist, thinks it's amazing and he actually understands what this is all about (something about a face still being a face if the eyes are on the cheeks…)

I mean, I can sort of understand Salvador Dali's surrealism and an ear on a nose place and a nose on an ear place. And long-legged elephants and melting clocks and faces.

Kind of.

But those at least had shading!

Picasso doesn't. I cannot understand Picasso.

New subject!

We came home, hung around on the internet… (internet should be banned. Or, better yet, I should have the self-discipline to ban internet)

We went to Mom's half of the family for lunch… lots of left overs, but also tomato salad.

Y'know… it is so nice to eat Romanian food. Never mind that it was kind of mostly Spanish. The food, though, is very nice when you're sharing it with six 'new' additional people who all talk fluently in Romanian.

We also watched the movie.

Parts of it were badly heard… I think, though, that it was more the fact that both Alex's laptop and the iPad were playing sound at the same time.

According to the family, it was quite good.

 I still think we make fools of ourselves.

But… on the bright side… they liked it.

But get this. Instead of rejoicing that my film career is OVER, I'm actually thinking of a new film. It's quite nice when all you do is voice overs. And when the laptop moves properly. And when everything is at full-speed.

Sometimes I think that not following the goals and rules I set down for myself is bad. 

Then something like this comes up. 

My dad did the same thing. When we came back from Paris in 2006, he said, "No more trips."

Two weeks later he was looking at new travel locations.

It's just hopeless.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall and Park Guell

The question of the day was… is it fall today or yesterday?

I don't think we actually decided on the answer… poor us.

Um. What did we do today? We went to the Park Guell. This is a park designed by Gaudí originally to be a private residential park with 30 apartments.

Unfortunately, those only came in style 100 years later.

So it's a community park now, full of mosaic-ish like rounded shapes and houses.

Very interesting.

Also, sandy dirt pathways that collect puddles like it's an accomplishment.

We walked around, enjoyed the music (harp! HARP!) that people had come to play, took pictures, and payed €24.50 to enter Gaudí's house itself. I like finding ideas for houses… so when it comes up to the idea of whether we go to Gaudí's house or not… of course we have to!

But apparently the rest of the family actually thinks we're skipping it.

"Absolutely not!" I said, "I want to see Gaudí's house!"

Whereupon Dad is so shocked/pleased/surprised he gives a sort of war whoop, hugs me, and says, "That's it, we're going. Maria wants to go, so we're going."

I guess the one good thing about not wanting to go anywhere is that when you do express the slightest wish to do anything beyond sit down, everyone rushes to do your slightest bidding.

Which is always good.

Hmm… what else?

This morning we finished all the voice overs for the Top Secret Project.

I managed to speak the entire ridiculously long and complicated 'pharmacy talk' in a record 30 seconds, without even messing up that much! I was amazed.

Also very proud of myself, since I wasn't expecting to be able to do something that awesome. I mean, I knew I could, but I wasn't expecting being able to do it in that short of a time period.

(Then again, in English it was 23 seconds. But that's something else).

Hmm… What else?

We had a lovely meal together, all of us, and then talk turned to Maria and medical school (that's me and my vocation for the next few years).

Now, the first reaction was one of those highly hilarious, "Oh, this family and their ridiculous ideas!!!"

But then once they realized that it certainly would not be their responsibility to be my manager (a very solid Romanian theory that an 18-year-old is not nearly old enough to make her own decisions), they said, "Oh, okay, do what you like!"

And were nice enough to give me the exact picture of how the next 6 years might be.

I might be running away at this point from the ever-scary idea of RESPONSIBILITY, but I realized that there is no way I can study what I need to study in order to go to any college in 5 months.

I mean… I might be able to, but if it takes an average high school student 2-4 years to learn all this stuff… who am I to think I can do it in five months?

Thursday, September 20, 2012



My first opinion of Barcelona is something along the lines of… um.

I don't quite understand all this spectacular architecture that apparently is in Barcelona. We went to the Sagrada Familia, which has been under construction since the 1890s.

The Passion Facade seems to me quite ugly (there are three, the Nativity, Glory, and Passion). All rough-hewn and it looks as if someone decided to pour a glop of mud on top of it from far away.

Inside however, it's lovely. White and airy, with bright stained glass windows whose chaarcters you can't really differentiate from one another.

It's huge and transmits every possible sound. But I like our church more, actually. It's cozier.

Ileana and I worked a bit longer on the Top Secret Project… it was absolutely amazing the way we managed to do one part perfectly on the very first take… I mean, we did the practicing of the lines to make sure we wouldn't mess anything up because of not knowing what we were going to say, then recorded ourselves speaking.

Well, we realized we were speaking a bit slowly, so I said, "Okay, so I just have to go a bit faster on that part."

At top speed, we recited our lines.

And did it perfectly on the very first try.

It was seriously an awesome accomplishment.

Then we finished the entire first section of the Top Secret Project, and I did another bit of the third section… since the second section I wasn't too worried about. I just wanted to test a particular paragraph which was really hard to say in English… strangely enough it was super simple in Romanian.

(Hmm. By the time I finish the Top Secret Project eveyrone will have deduced what exactly the Top Secret Project is)

Well! We walked around Barcelona for most of the morning.

It's an interesting city, I suppose, but I much prefer the Dascalu family style of picking a destination and walking hurriedly through the city to get to said desitantion.

I mean, it was relaxing to just walk around, but all we did was walk. And people who had things to talk about talked.

Except I didn't have much to talk about. So I walked and tried to think about various things… except I couldn't.

The most interesting thing today, without a doubt, was the enormous knife display in one of the shops. So many knives, for so many different uses, (one for cheddar… and another for salmon)… it makes me despair a bit of anyone ever being able to have a fully-stocked kitchen.

Though I suppose as long as you have a pot, a pan, a spoon, a spatula, and a sharp knife, you can do anything.

Hmm. That's good. I'll make a note of that. Probably add bits of string in there too…

At any rate, another busy day tomorrow. I haven't written anything for Pirate Prince in three days.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Third iPod

Happy 11th birthday, Ana! I hope this next year is one of your best.

I downloaded a song today just to listen to it. That was at about 5pm.

At 8pm, Dad took off with my iPod Touch to the Apple Store because the lovely instrument decided not to play sound when it didn't have headphones in it.

I now have a third iPod Touch. It's a good thing the freaking warranty hasn't run out yet. Otherwise I'd probably be frothing at the mouth. I quite liked my first iPod Touch… the spiderweb-shaped crack… it was like a special decal.

We got it replaced in London because we thought… hey, it can't hurt. And the warranty runs out in October.

In Prague, it decided to stop playing music without headphones. I mean, the music would run. You just couldn't hear a sound.

So, in Barcelona, we got it replaced.

The packaging came off, the protective screen went on… it looks perfect. No dust trapped underneath… the perfect fit… it actually doesn't look like my iPod! It's always had some sort of bubble somewhere.

THIS ONE looks like a slightly dull version of a normal iPod. I'm amazed. I kind of miss the dust trapped on the top.

But why take all this time with protective films? Because I don't like the feel of the glass. It's nice, but really annoying. I read (read, past tense at the moment) all the time on my iPod, which means a lot of swiping. And I don't like the feel of glass. THe minor abrasiveness of the film is perfect for me.

(No one else likes it, though. Their problem)

Back to matters of general interest.

Mom's half of the family is all in Barcelona. Grandma, aunt and uncle, cousins, and cousin's boyfriend have all arrived. For the next three days, we are going to be seeing quite a lot of each other.

After a bit of a mix-up as to how to meet up (instead of being in the same building, the way we'd expected, we're 8 minutes away from each other by foot). Since Dad paid quite a lot to get an apartment in the 'same building' as them, he's quite angry.

Well, stewing. In a bit of a mood.

We talked a lot amongst ourselves, just catching up. Skype is not a proper substitute for talking… especially since it has tended to block up whenever we try to communicated with them.

So we spent about three hours, talking, then making dinner, then eating dinner, then talking some more.

Then we walked home. My iPod is now restoring itself… hopefully it won't take the whole night to put a few songs on the iPod so I have something to listen to later on when I don't have any internet.

At any rate, now we're all in a hurry to finish up the nighttime routine so we can go to bed.

For some reason, we're all very tired.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sometimes I wonder how healthy it is to so completely disregard the goals I set for myself. Sometimes disregarding them I think is healthy— it lets me know that I'm being ridiculous.

Like, for instance, finishing the Top Secret Project in two days.

Technically, that should work.

Working at top efficiency, it is completely possible to finish the Top Secret Project in two days.

However, the laptop doesn't work at top efficiency when it comes to the Top Secret Project, and my efficient brain has gone on holiday.

Possibly for a very long time.

So. From what you can probably tell… I didn't write much today. Nor was I able to work long on the Top Secret Project without getting a severe frustration headache.

What did I do instead? Watched Remington Steele. Talked to Dad. Read a bit (not new books. Though I did start Mirror Image, I'm not going to finish it. I got to PAGE 8. The book starts on page 7. Now I'm rereading the cute end-bits of Little Women. If I didn't think I was saturated with information, I'd be convinced now. Before that I read the nice end of Persuasion. If I hadn't read the end of Pride and Prejudice so many times I'd probably read that to. As it is… I think I'll find the end of Sense and Sensibility tomorrow. Maybe after that I'll be able to start a new book and actually finish it??)

At any rate. It's amazing how little self-control one can have if one doesn't particularly want to have self-control.

At the moment what I'd like to do is go to sleep. It has been a trying day. First the frustration of the Top Secret Project. Then the feeling of ennui that struck as I was watching Remington Steele. A highly entertaining episode, by the way.

Then the walk. We walked a kilometer, which was actually quite lovely, down to Izma's family's restaurant, Xavi (Sha-bee). There, we were served with tapas (lots of little special appetizers), and paella (pah-EY-ah).

It was, without a doubt, the most fascinating meal we've ever had.


First there were little breaded octopi— tiny ones about the size of my finger. Then little fish, also breaded… about the size of a french fry. Then potatoes with some spicy sauce. And clams (or mollusks? Some shellfish). And a shrimp salad, with octopus tentacles (cut up, actually), and bits of clam.

And cured meat. I'm not sure what it was, exactly, but it was delicious.

(Through all this we also had two pitchers of special alcoholic drinks— cava and sangria. One has champagne (though it's not called champagne), and the other has red wine, mixed with Fanta Orange, if I'm not mistaken. Quite delicious… though we didn't drink much.)

And then… the paella. "Just rice." Said Izma.

… Just rice with chicken, and clams, and prawns, made with some delicious sauce…

To say the least, we ate until we were too full to eat any more.

Thank you, Izma!

Monday, September 17, 2012


I woke up late.

The reason I woke up late was because I couldn't fall asleep. My room is also the kitchen is also the living room is also the room facing the street. The street lights shine right in, making it possible to perhaps read.

I didn't try, though.

So. I woke up at 10:30 which was quite interesting… it's amazing how loud people can be when they're trying to be quiet (or they may not have been trying to be quiet).

Anyway. Today I did a large part of the important bit of the Top Secret Project… wanted to do more but Ileana exploded a bit because she didn't want to do anything then. Whereupon Mom sided with Ileana? (Despite the fact that 15 minutes ago she'd told me to get to work.) Whereupon I just kind of gave up on that.

Today Izma came by. We met in Thailand, and as we were speeding away on the tuk-tuk to get to wherever it was we were going, we through down our business card.

And that is why you should let your little sister talk to complete strangers. We're now in L'Estartit on Izma's recommendation. Tomorrow we go to his restaurant at about 2pm to eat.

And I feel a bit guilty. Because I don't intend to step foot outside this house except for three hours perhaps tomorrow to go eat. Beyond that… not interested in seeing the beach, not interested in really anything but sitting and doing my thing and finishing the Top Secret Project and perhaps finishing a novel. And Izma keeps asking us how we like his town.

It's beautiful, I'm sure. Maybe I'll come back some day. But at the moment, what I'd really like to do is my own thing.

Er. What else?

I cut an entire watermelon today. I love watermelon. I don't particularly like eating it off the rind— it's just too messy for me that way— anyway, I cut up the entire watermelon and everyone partook of the watermelon (and can you tell I really don't have much else to talk about?)

I also watched Remington Steele episodes. A lovely way to pass the time. I recommend it. The manner of speaking has infected my brain, so that whenever I want to write something it comes out in Pierce Brosnan as Remington Steele… formal and British. Not that there's anything wrong with that…

And also, I have a story. Possibly a fully ready story. WHY is what I want to know. Why now, especially, when I don't particularly need a story? In a way, this is good. While I'm finishing up Pirate Prince, I can write this one.

Now what I'd like to know is how to write it. I'm thinking of a project. It should be a fascinating endeavor. It will require a great deal of stick-to-it-iveness I'm not sure I have at the moment. BUT I SHALL DO IT.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Sometimes I really wish I could write in the car. I used to be able to… now I doze or look out the window.

I think it's because it's much easier to write when no one is looking over my shoulder.

For example, I am fighting temptation right now to stay up late and write till all hours. It would be wildly productive.

But! Unfortunately staying up late is not the answer. It sets a vicious cycle that is excruciatingly hard to break.

(Gracious, I sound like someone fed me those lines. However, it's just my common sense side telling my wishful side what's what)

As you may have surmised, we traveled today.

I woke up at about 6:30 and read a bit, then fell asleep at 7 and slept till 8:30.

I have no idea what happened or why I fell asleep. Maybe I was tired. But that doesn't explain why I would have woken up at 6:30.

At any rate, we found Ileana's missing earring back… she woke me up on the first night at 12:15 because she'd lost it, and we spent 20 minutes looking before we gave up and went to bed.

Ate breakfast, cleaned the house… it looks so neat!

Not that we were pigs, exactly, but the floor was clear, whereas it wasn't when we were there because that was where my bed was. (If you read that sentence three times it might actually make sense, unfortunately it's a very awkward sentence).

We took an easyJet plane to Barcelona (interesting in that there's no assigned seating), whereupon I read.

In the car which we rented, I slept a bit, only to be woken up by doors slamming because my family wanted to get out and eat.

We had baguettes and salami.

Then drove to our apartment.

And had baguettes and cured meat/cold cuts. I'm not sure which term is best. At any rate… all sorts of yummy things.

And Mom and Dad bought me carrots. Which makes me very happy. I'm not sure what I'll do with only three carrots, but I'm certain that by the time we reach home I will be eating a great deal of carrots. I feel like the horse from Sleeping Beauty in a way.

And I've started work on a very important Top Secret Project that really isn't so secret… wait for it to be revealed on the 25th!

It's amazing how quickly it's moving, actually… on the first run through it was very slow going. Now… it's ten times faster!

Plans for tomorrow include completing the Top Secret Project and reaching the near-end of Pirate Prince… we'll see how well that works out.

Should that fail, I've set myself the task of reading a new book in the two days we have at the beach.

I anticipate at least late one night here… should be fun!

At any rate, today was a very relaxed day.

Despite the fact that we all exploded at least once. ;)