Thursday, August 30, 2012


I woke up at noon… but don't think that that's particularly late, because I went to bed at 2am.

Anyway… ten hours of sleep is actually pretty good. We'll see what time I fall asleept tonight… I stayed up, exactly as I said I would, until I reached 55,000 words in Incense.

The awesome thing is that I managed to write more than 1000 words in 15 minutes on more than one occasion (five, to be exact).

It feels so nice. I actually wrote the entire 10k in nine sprints of 15 minutes each (except for the last one, which was only 13 minutes). In between sprints, I'd catch up to the next 100 words to make for the greatest ease of writing. The first sprint was only 644 words. The next was 888, and then I was in the 930s before hitting 1024, 1051, 1032… etc.

It's so awesome to think that if tomorrow I do the same thing tomorrow, (it took me less than 3 hours to write 10000 words… there was a bathroom break) I should finish in about an hour and a half (at 12:30 I had 4,449 words).

I've been using Vitamin R to keep track of this, setting 15 minute sprints to try and hit 1k. When one sprint's finished, I type slightly more slowly until I hit a x000 mark on the counter and then set a sprinter again (unless I'm right at the beginning of that thousand, in which case I work up only to the 100s place). And so it happens that I have a ridiculous plot twist to solve (and possibly cut out in editing) in only 5000 words.

There's still a bit of reading to go, and my laptop's battery is almost gone, but I'm going to actually finish all the stuff I set forth for myself.

Tomorrow I'm waking up early to charge the laptop a bit before we leave… I'll probably go back to sleep once I have it charging in Mom and Dad's room… or maybe I'll sleep in the metro.

At any rate, tomorrow is the last day of August… we'll see how things go!

In other, more general and important news… the grandparents arrived in London today at I-don't-know-what-hour. Mom, Dad, and I met them at the airport, took them to their hotel, and then Dad set off to get the other kids.

We stayed and watched the video (their expressions moved from a slightly frightful expression to laughing so hard they almost slipped off the bed), then realized that we were late for Westminster Abbey.

Took the bus and tried to figure out which countries the flags belonged to on the way… found that we mostly have no idea.

Saw Westminster not only during the day but also during the night, showed the guides there where Edward the Confessor's window is… (they hadn't known). Took the metro home… tomorrow we see Buckingham Palace.

My glasses are driving me nuts.

That's all.

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