Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reaching London, End of August


The first order of business was actually waking up… I slept about four hours in the plane (yippy!), and I was actually surprised at how well the I slept.

We landed, I think, earlier than we were supposed to, but I'm not complaining. Mom, Dad, and Ioan, were the only people waiting right at the beginning… they filmed us as we came through.

With the whole experience sort of behind me— honestly travel really isn't thath stressful. It's just the getting the tickets and filling out the USA information that freaks me out. Otherwise, I'm all good.

We handed our bags over to Mom and Dad , who carried them through the subway (I mean, tube) and then walked to our hostel, which is a Generator Hostel and is basically… huge. We reached our room, Ileana ranted about Gabriel and the various experiences at camp (I wanted to write, but it's impossible when you're hearing about all the stuff you heard about while you were actually at camp… for once I feel well-informed about all the drama that went on this year!).

After Ileana finished, we talked a bit more… and by then it was 12:30 and Mom and Dad wanted Ileana and me to sleep. Okay. I wasn't planning on actually doing it, just 'hanging out' for half an hour, but the next thing I know I'm being poked in the back by my brother. And it was about a half hour before they actually got me out of bed… but right now it's 12:47am, I reached 45k on Incense (made a bet with Bouchra before going to bed… I just hope I won it… since the loser has a lot of stuff to do).

We went to the British Library and saw the collection of really important books/maps… mostly uninteresting, though the Beatles showcase was nice and there's a The Ring and the Book by Robert Browning which I want to read. And possbily Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad… but then I didn't like The Heart of Darkness so I'll think about it. 

We came back to the hotel, ate pizza (delicious!), and then basically stayed online. I'd already typed up two of my worlds (at one point I transitioned from iPod to paper to note-taking… I'll finish typing everything up by the end of August), fixing all the typos. 

The rest of August is going to be really busy.

- Grandparents are coming. Awesome.
- Have to see London. Great. Skipping the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, just St. Paul, Westminster, Tower of London, probably a few museums… 
- Must finish The Manhattan Project (a book for a challenge, which if it's not finished in August will immediately wreck my chances for ever finishing this challenge. Not completing the challenge is not an option).
- Must finish Incense (Only 15k left in the story, but I've never lost an OLL event yet, and I'm not starting this year).
- Worlds. Have to type them all up.

Lots of stuff, including talking over Perfume edits, responding to French emails…

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