Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today everyone is leaving, except for Alexandra, Daniel, Gabriel, Iustin, Roxy, Marin, and me. And Ingrid. But Ingrid is one of the quiet kids, and you can't really tell that she's there. She was also a bit sick this afternoon, so we didn't see her much. 

We danced a bit more this morning, but mostly kids made their bags. Those of us who weren't leaving didn't bother. We danced the 'sârbă' (Sr-BUH), which is very fast and quite tiring after a while, especially since all your muscles clog up and then you're dancing and messing up everyone in the entire circle.

Always fun. But we'll skip over that.

The little kids (most of them) came this afternoon. I didn't get to say 'hello' to many of them, but I did get to boss them all around at the pool.

Roxy, who was our week's lifeguard, was worried about managing 40+ kids at the pool (only 20 were actually at the pool), so I put on my bathing suit, borrowed a whistle, and said, "Roxy, what are the signals?"

"Yeah, we should make some up." One blast for attention, three blasts for her to jump in the pool and save someone.

We get to the pool. And have to wait for the doctor. When she arrives, I say to Roxy, "Okay, go ahead and tell them the rules."

"Nah, you do it."

(Later I find out that Roxy doesn't actually know how to tell people the pool rules.)

So, I start.

"The first and most important rules are that you listen to us. Always. We tell you to get in the pool, you get in the pool. We tell you to get out of the pool, you get out of the pool. We tell you to jump… you don't jump. Because that's dangerous."

There's a bit of laughter.

"Okay. What other rules are there at the pool?"

The kids then recite, and we repeat for the rest of them, then say, "Alright. No one in the deep end until we know whether or not you can all swim properly."

One of them, about twelve, said from inside the pool, "But I go in the deep end all the time!"

I looked straight at him and said, "Well, you can go in the deep end and sit out of the pool for the rest of today, or you can play in the shallow end. Your choice."

He shut up.

After about ten minutes, one of the Alex's says, "There's a dead frog in the pool!"

Roxy and I peer down into the depths. Something does look black.

We blast the whistle three times. "EVERYONE OUT OF THE POOL!"

Discussions and comments from the kids. "OUT!" 

Iustin stays in the pool. We gave up on him, but got out the net and took the frog out.

Then we looked at each other and Roxy threw it over the fence.

We patrolled the area, twice, then said, "EVERYONE BACK IN THE POOL!"

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