Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Leaving the USA

A very quiet wake-up today. Having set all the clothes to wash last night, today I went down and checked that they were all dry (we hung them up in the boiler room), then informed Ileana that she was to take a shower to dry off the rest of them.

While that may sound counter-intuitive, the heated water for the shower also heats the boiler room, which means that our clothes dry off a bit more.

Because I took a shower yesterday, just before Emma came, I don't bother, instead making the bags for things we're leaving here and things we're taking with us. I put the harddrives into the bag into all my clothes (hopefully I won't forget about them as I have so many times before).

We eat breakfast (mashed potatoes!), finish cleaning up everything, check the rooms, and then, we're ready to go. Driving to the airport takes only about 20 minutes.

We try to figure out where to check in (we took the tickets with Iberia, but Iberia doesn't exist, nor does British Airways).

We head to United, then to American something, then to American Eagle, where our British Frequent Flyer miles are missing a number, so we have to call Mom and Dad (who are now in London), to find out what the real number is.

When we find that, we receive our tickets, hurry into Security (I'm now eager to get to London), get through with absolutely no problem, and then sit down at the gate for a long time just talking.

I think, honestly, that anyone who listens to Ileana and me talk about one of our subjects (like would we ever want to sit in first class, ever), must be laughing into their sleeves, because honestly, we come up with the craziest things to talk about.

Like gut feelings and the fact that we are probably the only teenage girls in the world who know and love the song "Oh What a Night!" by Frankie Valli.

But then, we always knew we were special.

After that, we reach Chicago. And we're starving. So we buy a Baker's Dozen worth of bagels, which I decided on because compared to the $2.50 + tax of one cream cheese bagel, 13 bagels for $8.89 + tax seemed to me a much better deal.

[Later note: And it was, since that was our breakfast for the next few days in London.]


What else? We went to a bookstore and hung out there for an hour and a half, reading Happy by Lonely Planet. It's quite cool. I want that book in my own book shelf some day.

I also managed to read the first part of Fahrenheit 451, which is actually an amazing book. Despite the fact that I can't really understand what his wife's 'family' is. But that I'll probably reread later, when I actually have time to savor it.

The plane toward London is coming!

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