Sunday, August 26, 2012

Leaving Camp

This morning we girls slept in till 9am, despite the fact that there was Divine Liturgy. But, no one came to wake us up, so we slept.

This was in part because of the extraordinary amount of work we had to do this week, but also because of the fact that last night, we went to bed at about 2:15am. First Roxy and I talked (I put her to sleep no less than five times. Alexandra's mom said that I have a very… 'therapeutic' voice). Then Alex came up to the cabin (she'd been having a talk with the priest) and we talked with the mothers in the bathroom, then in front of the cabin… before all migrating to the bathroom again because we'd talked so long we had to go. Again.

Then a bit longer in front of the cabin… and then we tied one of the windows shut with floss, because the mosquito frame for that particular shutter is one of the worst frames in existance. It wrenches open so hard you think the cabin's going to come apart, and pushing it back in you're certain you'll get splinters. So we flossed it shut and then played one-string guitar on it.

So it's no wonder we were too exhausted to wake up at 8am.

We packed slowly, not really wanting to go, and talked.

As we reached the mess hall and ate breakfast (alone, without the screaming of kids), we talked a bit more. Piled their belongings in the car.

After they left, I hung around a bit. Dimi and Grigorie left too. 

There were about three girls all playing Cat's Cradle in the pavillion, so I went over and taught them to do Jacob's Ladder. I also braided one of the girl's hair, in a sort of crown braid that didn't reach all the way around because her hair isn't long enough.

But she loved it anyway.

I didn't get to do anyone else's hair, though, because then we were called to eat. And then there was a series of 'no time now to braid hair!' and then I had to leave, so Stephanie and Elena didn't have their hair braided. I was repeating DUTCH CROWN BRAID incessantly because there was no paper to write it down on.

When it was time to leave, the kids were all dancing. Since I hadn't yet said goodbye to Domnul John, the dance instructor, I went up and said goodbye to Georgia, his assistant, first (since she was closer).

Domnul John saw, broke the circle, came in through the middle, and we said goodbye as well. (The Romanian way of greeting is to kiss once on each cheeks). Once Domnul John stepped away, every kid in the circle came toward me. The Cat's Cradle girls first, then Vlad (Dacia's brother), then every other kid in the circle, until I felt like I was falling down.

"Okay, guys, I have to go. Let me go, everyone…"

No one was listening.

So I started pretending to faint.

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