Monday, August 27, 2012


The phone woke me up. I'm in Rochester, on Monday, and I'm alone in the house. Flavia has gone to work, since 6:30. In the end, the number flashing on the telephone is not the one I know, so I ignore it, try to start breathing normally, and decide to eat donut for breakfast.

I turn on the TV (there's nothing else to do…), watch whatever's on, flip channels… and then give up and start re-reading a romance during most of the TV programs.

I'm booored. 

There is a peanut bagel/wrap whatever it is here that is basically bagel with peanuts stuck on it.

It takes me at least 90 minutes to eat it. Why? Because it is so sweet! I can't eat sweet things for log, which should probably be a good thing, since I don't eat chocolate in large quantities because of it.

Which means I probably will never have a problem with keeping down on sweet intake. 

I call everyone I know. First Ileana to double-check that Emma is, in fact, going to get her from her friend's and bring her to Rochester. Ileana confirms taht she has, in fact, spoken to Emma. I tell her to call me once Emma meets her, and not to be left alone for even a millisecond without a phone. Which she doesn't understand. But I explain it to her, she says 'okay,' and so on.

When Ileana calls, I have the address for her, double-check that she brought everything with her (she left her long-sleeved shirt at camp, and I brought it with me instead).

Funnily enough, despite the fact that I am very good at checking up on everyone else, I myself forgot the following things at camp:

- The ostrich egg
- The South African animals booklet
- My glasses.

I remembered about my glasses a half hour away from the camp, but the ostrich egg and booklet only once we were in Rochester.

Oh, how sad! Hopefully Mom will stil have an ostrich egg by the end of all of this. If not… at least the egg had an adventure!

When Emma and Ileana arrive, it's a very long bout of hugging (Emma and me, I mean. Ileana already had her turn).

Flavia has to find some clothes for her family, and I have to get a new bra for various reasons, so the three of us go to the mall. On the way back, we buy KFC, and the four of us eat while talking about a variety of subjects which I won't mention here from reasons of length.

It's so lovely to see Emma, but it's so sad to say 'goodybe' to her at the same time! In a way, I wish we could move back home. Especially when I was at camp. I think this was the first year I almost cried about leaving camp.

From so many people we know… back to the same four people!

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