Friday, August 24, 2012

Closing Ceremony

We had the closing ceremony at camp today.

Right before the ceremony (and right after lunch), Father Daniel says, "Maria, you're coming with me."

Um… I wasn't sure what to expect. We go to the pavilion. The priest hands me a piece of paper and a pencil and says, "Sit down and write."

(Now here is the part that probably should have been kept secret.)

He dictated to me the entire little speech I was supposed to say, as I was writing madly. "How do you spell that?" I'd ask every once in a while,

"It doesn't matter! Write so you will understand!" he exclaimed.

And I, who understand just about everything I write, but actually want to learn how to write Romanian properly (which I do anyway, but don't have complete authority on like in English), would sigh and write it phonetically— which, thankfully, in Romanian, is the way all words are written. There is no such word as 'spelling' in Romanian vocabulary. (A nice word to remove, I suppose).

So I wrote the entire speech out in pencil (ack, pencil! How dim you are when I try to read you!), ran up to the cabin to put some pants on (I was wearing a skirt for the entire week, as you may recall), and then ran to the Millenium to get into costume (the pants were supposed to be part of my costume) and onto the stage.

Except I put the costume on after the speech. And then we started the play, and because I was a storyteller in the first play, I didn't put on my costume.

Anyway, in the second play I was all costumized like a saint/ altar boy (because that was what I was wearing), and it all went off without a hitch. Except that, for the first time, they gave me a cross to hold. 


I can't hold it behind my back, because my hands are tied. Roman soldiers aren't going to be nice to a cross, so I can't be holding it when they come to tie my hands. And no one had any idea what to do. I was looking to Klara and mouthing that she had to take the cross from me before the Roman soldiers (Roxy and Dacia) came to get me.

I'm sure I looked like a very brave person, meeting death so stoically. And hopefully all that silent talking to Klara doesn't show up on the film. Because there will be a film, naturally.

OH well.

Anyway. After the play was singing. We didn't have much time to practice that. And afterward… dancing! Best part… except Daniel forgot the steps. But we only practiced three hours late at night and early in the morning. What can anyone expect?

Afterwards, awards.

I got an "I Love to Read" award. For reading throughout the year.

1. I haven't read in two months.
2. How is this relevant to my camp performance?

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