Thursday, August 23, 2012


Today the dance instructor, Domnul John, is supposed to come. Tomorrow is the Divine Liturgy (which means we wake up at the same time but don't eat until three hours later than usual). Which means confessions for everyone in camp. But I'll get to that later.

Because I stubbed (cut? Shore?) my toe on Tuesday, I wasn't able to go in the pool today. Cristina, who didn't want to go into the pool either, volunteered to play badminton with me. We played around on the grass a bit at first, then I said, "Listen. Let's practice the play at the same time. Whenever one of us gets a point, the other has to repeat her lines. And we keep playing badminton at the same time."

I'd thought it up a bit earlier, owing to the fact that everyone wanted to play badminton with me and I have the most lines (I think) in the play. Klara and Iustin are either equal or above me in the memorization department. Multi-tasking usually isn't a good idea when you're trying to memorize something, but when you already know it well enough to rattle off, I think it's good to also practice with distractions, just so you don't go a bit nuts when you're actually doing the play and a dog runs up onto the stage (That's never happened, in case you were curious.).

Since, unfortunately, I'm better at badminton than Cristina, and have three times more lines to memorize than her, she knew hers more than by heart, and I had yet to practice. Since I'm not about to lose for the benefit of memorization, we changed techniques. Winner of a point has to recite lines. 

It worked.

Father Daniel had told us once during lunch (or was it dinner?) that should we be absolute angels for the next two or three days, the camp owners might actually let us go out on the river (there is a river) with the canoe. In past years, we've been able to wade in to our knees. This canoeing gizmo was the first any camper at All Saints had ever heard of this.  

As you've probably surmised simply by my bringing it up, we did go canoeing today. Which was totally epically awesome, despite the fact that each group of kids (or teenagers) only had five minutes out on the river. And we had to wear life jackets (which are uncomfortable unless you're sleeping on them).

The scenery was absolutely amazing. Beautiful, clear water, lots of smiling… I didn't take pictures. I feel a bit constricted by them. And there's usually all this worry when you're carrying a camera… it makes me fear a bit for any solo trips I may take from now on. What if I don't take any pictures? 

But I'll get to that in future years.

When Domnul John came, we all started dancing. And dancing. And dancing. At one point my feet hurt so much I sat down and watched, with Grigorie in my lap.

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