Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Poolside Injury

Today… I had amazing luck today… scratched my finger while opening a window, and, while at the pool, I cut my toe. Hard to walk, so that's interesting. Great because I have to walk up and down and up and down to get kids and go to church and go eat.

So that's lovely, since I'm hobbling up and down like an old grandmother, because I have to keep my toe up and it's sore, but— I did take a shower in a bathtub because I was dreadfully injured.

Ilinca from the cabin is reading every word I write in the notebook over my shoulder… she wants me to help move her mattress, since she has exchanged beds with Adriana.

I wanted to write my world earlier today, but Klara's momo called me into her room and we had a really weird talk about Klara and parenting and so on and so forth. Then— ILinca is doing her best to distract me, and she's amazed that I'm not distracted at all— but that's normal because I used to practice my piano and flute lessons while Ileana and Ioan were shouting all throughout the house.

Um… everyone in the cabin (including Roxy, who's really really really scary) wants to choke me because I'm not going to bd at the proper hour.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish this all tomorrow.


How did the cut toe happen? It's very simple. We went to the pool. Matei, a 15 year old from Oltenia/Montreal, raced me to the end of the pool and back. I won, since Matei tends to go diagonally instead of straight. It was quite close, though.

The next race was me against Gabriel (Ileana's crush last year… we still haven't heard the end of it!). I got up right to the edge of the pool, but Gabriel said, "No, I want a running start."

Since I don't have anything against a running start, persay, I backed up obligingly about two steps.

"One, two, three… go!" I'm no longer sure who counted this.

A whistle blows. I take a running start and dive in, wondering how it's possible that I could be so ahead. I reach the other end,


Looking around the pool, trying to figure out where Gabriel is, I find he's at the other end. I've raced half a race for nothing. Apparently Roxy blew the whistle, but Gabriel was still waiting for the 'go,' so he stayed talking to Anca (Gabriel's crush this year) instead of diving in.

As I walk back over to the group, I realize my right big toe is twinging. It's bleeding copiously.

I show Gabriel as a sort of 'isn't this interesting?' which prompts everyone to call Dr. Katy, who takes one look and says I need first aid.

I took a shower in the doctor's cabin, put hydrogen peroxide on it and bandaged it up, and as I said before… I've been limping all over camp all day.


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