Monday, July 30, 2012


We sat in the car. We drove. We ended up in a backpacker hotel. The WiFi is at an internet café somewhere in the town/city.

Ioan played Civ V on my laptop. I stared out the window. Came up with an interesting story idea. Now I have 13 ideas that are either fermenting, being written, or that need editing.

I wrote nothing for blog posts today— I just couldn't work up the enthusiasm for them. 

Ileana and I added 50 seconds of placeholder to the video today, and half of another paragraph. We have some filming and picture-taking to do tomorrow, and hopefully by that time we'll be able to also import the videos, finish up those 70 seconds of placeholder (we've got a traveling day put in as well), and complete the first 8 minutes and 20 seconds of the video.

After that, we have to finish the 'monument' paragraph (awesome and not-so-awesome places we've seen), our 'local attraction' and 'animal' paragraph, the one about 'luxuries…' And then a few more paragraphs about rest days (schoolwork! Blog! Laundry!)… and then a few interviews (quick, short, sweet), and finally an end bit that shows us being mostly silly, which we've dubbed 'jet lag.'

AND AFTER all that, we have credits. Which will probably be quite long, because I'm not taking any chances and all the songs are going up along with their record companies and years and so on. 

… Phoo. I've still got 250 words to go. And there's literally nothing I feel like saying.

Ooh! Camp NaNoWriMo, August version, starts on Wednesday. I'm ready. Sooo ready. The only problem I have with it is the fact that I've also got these things to focus on, both of which come ahead slightly before 'writing another novel:'

- Camp presentation (there's… two… weeks… left)
- Blog posts (the 300 day post is coming up soon, and I need to write it… psh. I still have Kruger, Madagascar, and the rest of South Africa to write, besides that.)

Um… that's actually about it. I could probably do them both really easily if I set a timer and forced myself to write, but I don't want to set a timer and force myself to write. I get all stilted when I have a timer on something that I don't know what to write about.

Of course, when it's a world like this and I'm just lazing around because I'm lazy, then it's okay to set a timer. In fact, I set one for two minutes in order to finish the last 120 words. And I'm typing quite quickly now. In fact, I may actually finish before time. But when it comes to a blog post, or something I won't necessarily go over with a pick or tweezers, then it's rather important to pause, think about it, and then write about it. It's a bit annoying, though. I wanted to finish Kruger today. Oh well!

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