Thursday, July 26, 2012


Animal count for today:

Elephants. We went right between the entire herd… very stressful.

A giraffe in the middle of the road who was determined to pose for us.

A herd of African Buffalo in the middle of the road. They refused to move. We turned around after 15 minutes.

A leopard. It walked around for about 6 minutes… us reversing the entire time. Finally he crouched down and we lost sight of him. As we continued going on our merry way… the leopard is crossing the street.

Two giraffes in the middle of the road 'necking'— not kissing, mind you, but wrapping their necks around each other. The bigger one started walking purposefully toward us, so we backed up the hill… rolled back down, and finally honked to make them move.

A kudu in the middle of the road. (We were despairing of ever getting home.)

What we think are waterbuck— they have a target on their rump.

Three white rhinos.

Countless impala (the joke of the day goes like this:

In the morning, passing by impala. "We do not stop for impala." (This is real)

(This next part is made up). Impala crossing the road, driver continuing. The impala don't move. The driver accelerates. The passengers in the car start screaming at the driver to STOP, s/he's going to run over the impala! The driver, wih a crazed look in his eye… "WE DO NOT STOP FOR IMPALA!"

… We're not sure what happens after that.)

Seriously, today is the most fruitful day we've had yet! I've probably missed a few hundred animals, definitely a few birds (we managed to take pictures of the lilac-breasted roller… a rainbow colored bird that is.. .lilac-breasted and larger than it looks in the pictures).

Ileana and I wanted to go to work on the presentation again, but the hard drives didn't want to open for us… so we went to the cheetah wildlife movie playing instead. (And man, are they built for speed!) When we came back, we ate dinner, and actually managed to put together a minute more of the video. Never mind that 21 seconds are a placeholder for us scrambling to make the bags, or that we've not got any sound in. Our brains were exploding, we have 'hotel,' 'wardrobe,' and part of 'monument' written, and I've figured out we only need about 6 more paragraphs and a few interviews to finish the movie.

We should be fine… even if time is running out and we only have 21 days left until the 16th, which is our deadline.

If we finish one paragraph every other day, we'll have another week to put together the last few bits and optimize the interviews…

And I have 21 more days to finish blog posts… and ACK, now I'm getting stressed.

We wake up early tomorrow to leave at 6:30 and hopefully spot a cheetah or a hyena or a wild dog! Unfortunately they're all pretty rare.

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