Saturday, July 14, 2012

Petite Tsingy

We woke up early (6) and went to see the Petite Tsingy. Tsingy means tiptoe, from old Malgash. People actually used to live in these pointy limestone towers. We actually saw some pottery, though we have no idea how old it is or anything. I'm trying to figure out how people could have lived in such sharp rocks… but I can't. We walked first through the Petite Tsingy, climbing over steps and under steps and through thin, abrasive passages, sometimes not certain if we'd fit at all. It was nice and cool— enough for our guide, Tata, to be wearing a scarf and thick jacket, though the temperature was pleasant for the rest of us. 

When it's hot here in the Tsingy, it's 40-50°C. At 30°, things are just warming up. It's crazy to think how well-adapted humans are!

We reached the forest near 10am, and started walking through that. We saw both a male and female bird of paradise (not exactly sure which type), took pictures of lemurs (can't remember the specie name— red brown or something of the sort), and taught Tata a few Romanian words— st├ónga, which means left, and negre, which is the plural for black. (To make a long story somewhat short, adjectives in Romanian must agree with the noun they're modifying, in both gender and number— so there's a male singular, female singular, male plural, and female plural. Sometimes the plurals are the same, sometimes they're different). He used it whenever he could, which was a bit confusing at times, as we spoke together in English and French (depending on what language the conversation had started in). To suddenly have a Romanian word pop up is a bit jarring, but the trip was enjoyable nonetheless.

We drove home to the hotel, stopping in the local market to buy some food for lunch today and breakfast tomorrow— we leave at 6am, which means we have to wake up very early… the earlier we have to get up and the worse the roads are, the more I wish I was at home. Things will change when we reach a beautifully asphalted country again, but for the moment… 

We lazed around for the afternoon— Ileana and Ioan went to the pool and screeched loud enough for the entire hotel to hear them. I played Civilization V… I guess every once in a while it's the most interesting thing to do… now I have a reason to get out of bed in the morning!

I've found that I need something compelling to get me out of bed, otherwise I'm inclined to stay in bed until one of the parents comes in and starts berating me… which doesn't start the day off nicely. So I find something interesting to do first thing in the morning.

We see the Grande Tsingy tomorrow… it's 6 hours, not to mention the 2 hour round trip to get there… and my shoes are terrible!

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