Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics and Writing

Well, we lazed. It was lovely.

Watched the Olympics— women's gymnastics (YAY for Romania!), men's heavy weightlifting, (also, yay for Romania… though I couldn't watch long. 170+ kg above my head is not something I relish watching or imagining), and bits and pieces of other competitions.

I also spent the day doing absolutely nothing. It was glorious. I watched Remington Steele, read a bit… but absolutely nothing that could be in any way construed as even minorly productive.

Well… I did check my email. But that was it.

Tomorrow Camp NaNoWriMo starts! The plan is to wake up some time around… 7, finish the Kruger post, and then start writing Incense. The reason I want to finish Kruger first is because I'll probably get caught up in the novel.

The day after, I'll probably write at the camp presentation or Madagascar before writing at the novel, and so on and so forth. It's so great to have some sort of incentive for doing this stuff. 

Yes, technically the Mark Forster technique I'm using now dictates that I should only do what I feel like at any one point in time, but the problem is that a novel takes up all my brain space and I don't really feel like doing anything, even though I'm completely capable (and might even enjoy) doing whatever it is has to be done.

So that is why I'll be going to 'work' first thing in the morning.

And as to editing… I haven't done much. There was that one day when I wrote nearly 500 words in the Chapter 7 rewrite, but to be honest I'm not enthused about it. More and more, I'm finding I need at least a little bit of a routine… even if it changes up regularly. I like having a semblance of a plan in place— that way I can condition myself to doing something. Like school.

Speaking of school, as I was checking my email, I got this notification from Twitter that said I have X many tweets. One of them was about "Is Algebra Necessary?"

So I clicked it. It's an article in the New York Times which I didn't read with extraordinary attention… but the point is that math is one of the biggest reasons kids drop out of schools. Specifically algebra.

Now, maybe I'm lucky in that my mom forced me to understand algebra (I'm not sure how she did it), but I don't really see the problem in a+1=4. (When you get to quadratic equations though, I start wondering what the point is).

While everyone tells you that you need math, after a certain point almost no one uses what they learn in math class (also, what do you really need? Addition and subtraction. Nathaniel Bowditch created navigation tables for men who could only count on their fingers.) We have computers doing the work for us. Of course, that's not the entire statement. I'm still working the kinks out.

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