Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Night Drive

… I'm not sure how to start.

We went on a night drive today. The first thing was that a group of eleven people didn't hear their name called, despite the fact that everyone in the huge circle was trying to figure out who they were. And then they had the nerve to be annoyed!

It really brings home the fact that some people will complain at anything. 

We drove and drove and drove… seeing at least three bush babies, a few small antelope, a civet, and three zebras.

We'd all sort of given up on seeing a lion, or a leopard, or any other 'interesting' big animal.

And then Dad, as he's been yelling the entire time… "STOP!"

We stop. We reverse.

There is a hyena near the road. I tried to film, but the camera was all fuzzy. It runs away before I manage to get anything on camera. Oh well. I saw a hyena! It looks exactly the way it does on TV.

August is coming!

And with it comes Camp NaNoWriMo, v 4.0. Strangely enough I'm rather ambivalent about this one. Incense is semi-ready, but I'm not nearly-obsessed about it the way I was with Perfume. Still, I'm excited. Maybe it's because I was thinking of writing Spice AND Incense (books 3 and 2, respectively) in the same month, and I have NO IDEA what Spice is about, despite the fact that it's about two cynics. But there's no external conflict, as I've only just now realized, so it's not ready to be written.

I could always try one of the other three ideas I've got fermenting, but none of them are ready yet either. I may not even start a second book in August. At the moment I'm just vacillating.

… Um. I forgot to mention this yesterday, but my iPod fell from about knee length and its screen semi-shattered in the bottom left corner.

The funniest part is that while I'm really reluctant to use it now… the actual screen is completely visible. There's just this ugly white burst that's distracting and a scratch over the lower half of the screen. Otherwise, it's like new. Not at all like Ioan's which was destroyed and it was almost impossible to see what you were doing in one part of the screen. I'm lucky in that the entire screen is visible, which means it still works for reading and such.

… What else? Life is better… 

I've been trying to simplify my laptop since early July… and one of the good things is that I've got a lot less folders— the bad thing is that I keep stuffing things into folders, which annoys me, actually. I don't want any folders beyond 'pictures,' 'reading,' 'writing,' and 'desktop.' So I guess I'll just delete all my other folders and deal with stuff from there. It's much cooler to see this article you haven't seen in ages right next to something you use all the time.

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