Friday, July 27, 2012


The absolute highlight of the day today was this:

I wrote the first two sentences of the Malaysia blog post, came to my senses, set a 20 minute timer… and then because in the first two sentences of 'Malaysia' I'd noted I'd be whizzing through the country… I wrote all of the 800+ word post in 18 minutes.

With no trouble at all! It is such a relief to get yet another post out of the way. Now it's not hanging over my head, not hovering around to suck out a bit more energy… nope! It's just there.

And the best part is… I felt like doing it. I felt like sitting down and knocking it out, and I did. There was no silly stuff like there was for Indonesia or Singapore where I was almost forcing myself to sit down and write. Nope! Just this idea… "I want to write the Malaysia post…" and there it was, written, 18 minutes later!

I posted that, Indonesia, and Singapore, checked a few of my websites (skipped Facebook… I have more interesting things to do, skipped GoodReads as well almost entirely, just Camp NaNoWriMo to check with my cabin, and a few blogs whose articles I had on my laptop but didn't investigate further at the time).

I managed to check my email, which has an interesting habit of:

- Downloading all my Yahoo! Mail messages all at once… then pretending to let me delete them, but actually keeping them in the inbox. I HAVE NO IDEA.

- Downloading all my other, really awesome-long-awaited mail one… message… at… a… time… this requires constant checking back, refreshing the inbox, leaving so that the poor thing can download, and then finding out it's a newsletter from NaNoWriMo asking for donations (it's donation season! Only time of the year I get these things) or a blog update about something that doesn't interest me (editing! Where's the editing! It's all about writing!). When an email finally does show up, it's short and to the point… no conversation opportunities for another week! *Sigh*

Anyway, so that's my crazy email. I have no idea what's wrong with it… but it seems to enjoy scaring me.

And… I've got a vague/very specific idea of what I'm going to do in the next 12 years of my life.

It is such a relief. Of course, everything's still open for discussion and nothing's set in stone, but I've got something to work toward that isn't entirely selfish, so no one can say I'm being a selfish meanie. (Or anything to that effect).

Ileana and I put together a few more seconds of the camp presentation… we set the stage for a childish joke within the video, finished another paragraph completely, have the bits in place for two others (unfortunately we cannot dub them finished because we need some footage), and have the beginning of a third.

We also went out, but saw nothing of interest… seriously. Not even a close-up elephant or zebra or giraffe!

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